Take a page out of Marketing 101!

Technology has definitely opened the door to new ways to look for work. Social media in particular gives job seekers new and expanded networks that can sometimes lead to that perfect job.

Say thank you & keep employees engaged

With so many pressures facing manager and business owners, saying “thank you” to your team may not seem like a top priority. There are sales targets to meet, budget to balance and expenses to manage. However, saying “thank you” can actually save you time and money in the long run. It can help keep employees motivated and engaged.

Interview & Resume Hints & Tips

Over the past few days, there have been several news stories about Alberta’s increasing unemployment numbers, the difficulties some people are having in accessing employment insurance, and the challenges many are facing in finding work and making ends meet. It’s not an easy time and even with some cautiously optimistic reports that the economy may be starting to slowly pick up, it will still take time before we see job opportunities increase.

EI soars to new heights (sadly)

The news today isn’t good. A record number of Albertans are currently collecting Employment Insurance (EI) premiums. In fact, according to CBC, the number of Albertans collecting EI soared faster than any other province, with a stunning increase of 16.8 per cent to 57,000 in May 2009.


Budgets can be tight during a recession – and those usual “must-haves” start turning into “must-waits” as we watch our wallets and learn to say no to those non-necessities (as much as it pains us to turn our heads as we pass by those used-to-be-must-have killer red pumps at Towne Shoes). But how can we, as fashion-forward males and females, still look great at work- without breaking the bank?

Keeping employees motivated in tough times

It’s not easy to be an employer in today’s economy. As things have shifted dramatically in the past 12 months, employers have been faced with making tough decisions around cutbacks and layoffs. In many instances, employees are being asked to do more than ever.

Why now is the time to network!

I have always believed networking is an important piece to career development and succession. During tougher market conditions, networking moves to critical. People hire referrals far faster than unknown resumes because it can shorten and streamline the process, saving the employer time and money.