Preparing for fun in the summer sun

We just had a sunny weekend and according to the Weather Network we will continue to have sunny days right into the upcoming long weekend. This is welcome news after the cool start to the summer we have had.

Stampede parties can help your career- really!

It’s that time of year in Calgary when business takes on a whole new look and feel. Business attire is replaced by western garb like jeans, belt buckles (the bigger, the better), plaid shirts, boots and of course, cowboy hats in a ranges of styles and colours. Instead of chasing deadlines and hosting meetings around the boardroom table, there are countless opportunities to connect with customers, partners, suppliers and even competitors over pancakes, barbeque beef and of course, beer!

Labour shortage looming (really)

While it may not be reality right now, there is a labour shortage looming in the oilpatch. Two different reports, one by human resources consulting firm Mercer and one by the Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada, are predicting a substantial shortfall of oilpatch employees as early as next year. It’s good news for potential employees, but not so good for oil and gas companies.

Hats off to everyone in the staffing industry!

This week is Staffing Week in Canada, and I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the incredible team of staffing professionals at BOWEN, as well as the employers who come to us seeking assistance for a wide variety of workforce needs, and to the job seekers who ask for our help with their careers.

Tweet, Tweet, jumping on Twitter

I’m on a learning curve but am excited to be venturing into the world of social media. From all I’ve been seeing and reading, it is becoming an essential part of an organization’s entire marketing approach.

Not just for the playground

Bullying is not an issue confined to the school playground and it doesn’t just happen to kids and teens. Bullying is a fact of today’s workplace, and it’s something we don’t talk about enough. There are many signs to look for, just like with children.

The scoop behind the stats

The latest Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey shows that unemployment is down across the country, with the national rate edging down to 8.1 per cent. More people are working and that is always good news!