Is September becoming the new January?

I think so. Here’s why. Like most people, I am hard wired to be event oriented. So I usually think of September as being the end of summer, back to school, and time for new fall fashions.

A moment of reflection

After three weeks of vacation in with her family in Europe, where they visited eight countries Shannon takes a moment to reflect.

A bird’s eye view

This May, Brewster Travel Canada, opened the Glacier Skywalk, enabling visitors experience Sunwapta Valley from a cliff-edge walkway where glass is all that separates them from a 280-metre drop.

Making the most of your LinkedIn profile for 2014

This just in. 89 percent of recruiters have hired employees through LinkedIn. This might surprise you if you’ve been living off the grid. Yet it is no surprise to social media savvy job searchers who maintain an up-to-date and easy to search LinkedIn profile and have landed the job of their dreams.