A bird’s eye view

This May, Brewster Travel Canada, opened the Glacier Skywalk, enabling visitors experience Sunwapta Valley from a cliff-edge walkway where glass is all that separates them from a 280-metre drop.

Making the most of your LinkedIn profile for 2014

This just in. 89 percent of recruiters have hired employees through LinkedIn. This might surprise you if you’ve been living off the grid. Yet it is no surprise to social media savvy job searchers who maintain an up-to-date and easy to search LinkedIn profile and have landed the job of their dreams.

June flooding brings out the best in Calgarians

BOWEN is deeply appreciative of our great community and honoured to call Calgary are home. That feeling has never been stronger than over the last month, as Calgarians – and Albertans – were tested by flood and responded with unprecedented – but not unexpected –  resiliency, generosity, kindness and support.

Thinking of all Calgarians

We are deeply saddened to see the flood devastation in our community and our thoughts are with all Calgarians and Albertans who have experienced tremendous loss over the past several days.