It’s daunting. We know. Candidates are faced with increasing competition for available jobs and, more than ever, the right tactics are vital to a successful job search. Get real life advice from BOWEN’s expert recruiters and fellow job-seekers, with access to free career development events including BOWEN’s Job Club.

For more than 40 years, we’ve helped organizations find great people and people find great organizations. With candidates facing increasing competition for available jobs, now more than ever, the right tactics are vital to a successful job search. That’s why we launched the BOWEN Job Club, providing job seekers advice on job search strategies from our team of top notch experts.

This networking group brings together like-minded people in a supportive environment to discuss creative ideas for landing that next great job. Job Club helps our candidates to simplify their tasks, focus on their goals and achieve success. We support and serve a full scope of job family functions across all employment types, from contractors to those seeking full-time roles.

“We’re always looking for ways to add additional value for our candidates,” says Debbie Carson, Senior Recruiter and Job Club coach. “The reality is candidates are competing with upwards of 500 applicants for every open position. With those odds, you need to get creative with your job search tactics.”

Job Club has also been instrumental in helping client organizations prepare their participants for the workforce. The career coach team at Alberta Aboriginal Construction Career Centre were impressed by the knowledge and expertise shared at their recent session:

“It is always nice to hear another perspective on career advice and to share real life stories of a job search. It’s obvious you are passionate about what you do and how you help others is appreciated.”

A recent survey shows that over 98% of the Job Club participants are very satisfied with the session and BOWEN’s support in helping prepare them for their job search, especially in the current economic climate:

“A very informative session that provided food for thought and useful tools I can work with in my job search,” says a Job Club participant.

Our ultimate goal is to bring the best employees and employers together. A long waiting list for registration for the company’s bi-weekly Job Club sessions is testament to its success.


Learn more on our LinkedIn forum, Ask Our Recruiters, and join today.


Connect with BOWEN’s Job Club presenter, Debbie Carson, RPR, at dcarson@bowenworks.ca.