While there may now be faint glimmers of hope for an economic recovery – and rebound in jobs – on the horizon, it is still in the distance. For those who are looking for work – and there are many people on the job hunt, here are a few tips to help out with your job search, relating directly to applying for jobs:

  • Make yourself stand out – make sure your resume is well written and highlights your skills and experience; cover letters provide the opportunity to tell them something about yourself that the resume does not convey so make sure you tell them why you would be great for this job and how much you want it.
  • Connect the dots for the person reviewing the applications – when you are reviewing stacks of resumes you don’t want to have to be digging to figure out if the person is suitable. Align your resume and cover letter with the specific requirements of the job to make sure they know what skills and experience you have in relation to their business needs.
  • Prepare for that interview – make sure you have your story prepared of what you have to offer and why you want the job. You only have one opportunity to make a good impression so don’t blow it!
  • Be enthusiastic – attitude goes a long ways towards impressing people.
  • Follow up with a thank you card, e-mail or phone call following an interview. It shows you are interested.