That’s why our recruitment team at BOWEN is now on Linked In. We know that it’s a great place to find candidates and reach out to a talented pool of people, both locally and anywhere in the world. From a recruitment standpoint, you really can find the best person for the job!

Linked In is a good place to showcase your talents, achievements and past work history. Your profile becomes a friendlier version of your resume. One of the best things you can do is build your recommendations. Invite colleagues, clients and associates to recommend you. When a potential recruiter or employer sees these words of praise, it only builds credibility as to why you are a standout candidate.

Don’t forget to approach your Linked In network the way you would your personal network. Think of people you have encountered professionally, personally and through volunteer activities. Send out invitations, but remember to keep the tone and your network at a professional level. This is a place where potential employers will come so you need to make sure you “evaluate and screen” what you post, both for personal information and even your photo.

Take some time to research online how to truly leverage Linked In for your job search. It’s time well spent. Here are a few links to help get you started:

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Once you are on Linked In take moment to stop by BOWEN’s corporate page where you may find some familiar faces to connect with.