BOWEN manages new and existing contracts and makes the transition seamless. We work closely with your current placement representatives to handle all of the administrative details. As a BOWEN independent contractor, you will benefit from:

  • Short-term and long-term career opportunities in a wide range of industries and positions with Canada’s top employers, including Fortune 500 companies
  • Mobile, user-friendly time and expense approval system
  • Quick, reliable payment and flexible payment terms
  • Convenient direct deposit and timely remittance statements emailed directly to you
  • Eligibility for our affordable group benefits plan
  • Exclusive membership in our Perkopolis employee discount program, featuring top brands across Canada
  • Security with an industry-leader in Health and Safety practices
  • Proactive, standardized process for on-boarding and off-boarding
  • Members-only access to networking events
  • A dedicated team of caring, knowledgeable experts
  • Compliance with employment and tax law – for independent contractors – a full range of services to reduce tax and compliance risks
  • Advisory services to support rate negotiations, establish the contract and assess your classification as a legitimate IC according to Canada Revenue Agency
  • Liability Insurance

BOWEN can also administer your contract as a contract employee, if you prefer or are unable to qualify as an independent contractor.


Frequently Asked Questions


How does BOWEN ensure payment to independent contractors?

  • One of our highest priorities is paying you accurately and on time. We’ll arrange payment according to the payment terms in your contract.
  • You will receive a remittance statement via email, with convenient payment by direct deposit.
  • Our process for managing alternative approvers ensures uninterrupted payments, should your regular client supervisor be unavailable to approve your time.

What are the pre-screening requirements to be registered as an independent contractor through BOWEN?

  • Valid Certificate of Incorporation
  • Proof of Workers Compensation Account
  • GST number
  • General description of services provided
  • Position/title within the corporation
  • Registered address and mailing address
  • Criminal record check
  • Background check
  • Background check consent form (provided by BOWEN)
  • ID type one: must be government-issued photo identification
  • ID type two: can be non-photo identification, ideally government-issued; however must include candidate’s first and last name


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