When considering your summer employment options and goals the wage you earn is important but building your resume towards your new career should rank higher. For college and university students many companies have openings specifically for you to gain experience. These jobs may seem basic but if they are within a company that operates in an industry that you are pursuing you will be exposed to many important aspects of daily work and may be giving opportunities beyond the job title. 

This is your chance to get your foot in the door and if the job goes well you may be able to come back for future summer employment in progressing roles.  The pay in some cases may not be as much as other opportunities but the experience is invaluable. That landscaping job may have a higher hourly wage that helps pay down your school debt quicker but unless you are planning a career in landscaping the experience and great tan you get over the summer will not help your career search.  

Speak to your school, professors and other students to find out which companies may have a summer student program.  Many students looking for jobs are also maximizing the power of social media by posting on their Facebook/Twitter pages that they’re looking for a job and could anyone help them out? This is a great tool as you can get in touch with people you may not have in your own network by being recommended by someone else. 

While it may not look like it right now, summer is just around the corner and it is the right time to start your summer job search.