As a manager, how do you keep your employees motivated to do their best work and keep a positive outlook for the future?

The website offers the following tips:

  1. Get employees involved. Focus on open communication that engages employees, giving them a sense of connection, engagement and belonging. It can also help minimize their feelings of powerlessness.
  2. Focus on personal and career development. Give your employees the chance to try new things, as well as grow and learn through personal and professional development. It will give you a more skilled and diverse workforce in the future.
  3. Establish realistic expectations that will keep employees motivated and promote an atmosphere of success, which in turn, boosts morale.
  4. Reward and recognize good work. It is not only creates a more positive work environment, but also can increase loyalty and productivity.

I would add to these suggestions that managers need to make every effort to keep workloads manageable. While employees may be asked to do more, realize that they still need to have the work-life balance. If you ask too much, you could face the risk of employee burnout, which will harm your corporate reputation in the long run.

Another thing that employers need to keep in mind is to stay true to your company’s mission, vision and values during good times and bad. Show how you “walk the talk”. Layoffs should be handled with dignity, kindness and respect. You want both existing and potential employees to hear and know that your company is an employer of choice all the time.