Payroll Contractor Management

Payroll or T4 contractor management is an essential but easily outsourced function that doesn’t have to distract your business from delivering bottom line results. BOWEN offers an array of solutions customized to your needs, including:

  • Full administration and management of contracts
  • Personalized, face-to-face on-boarding and off-boarding, with BOWEN as the employer of record
  • On-site management including orientation, scheduling and recruitment, providing you with continuous staffing levels, reduced turnover, cost containment and best practices aligned to your corporate policies
  • Pre-screening for safety-sensitive or specialized work site requirements, including Fit for Work, drug and alcohol testing and driver’s abstract
  • System and financial capacity for large-scale contractor on-boarding, including change management
  • Experience with multiple VMS systems: Beeline, Fieldglass, Ariba and ADP OpenInvoice
  • Online, mobile-friendly system for contractor time and expense submission and easy supervisor approval
  • Complete payroll administration including T4 and ROE issuance by payroll experts, certified by the Canadian Payroll Association
  • Consolidated client billing and reporting
  • Corporate discount program and optional group health benefits for your contractors at competitive rates
  • Advisory support from a team of experts on provincial and federal Labour Standards, and commitment to the highest standards of ethics and governance through our membership with ACSESS and the Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations


Independent Contractor Management

Having oversight for your independent contractor (IC) performance, pay rates, compliance and safety is a business imperative. As your vendor of record, we:

  • Insert a structured third-party contractual relationship
  • Apply IC qualification screening to minimize reclassification risk
  • Validate and monitor IC credentials including Incorporation, necessary insurance, Workers’ Compensation coverage (or related provincial equivalent) and Canadian business number for GST remittance
  • Deliver comprehensive on-boarding and orientation, including background screening and any required certification checks
  • Consult on competitive local market rates and support rate negotiations
  • Manage IC payment processing on user-friendly, client-approved IC timesheets
  • Provide consolidated client invoicing and IC workforce reporting
  • Apply risk mitigation measures and continually monitor IC compliance


Workforce Analytics

Contractors have become a business imperative. Knowing who they are, where they work, how they perform, how long they have been with you, how much they earn – all of these factors are essential when assessing your entire workforce strategy. Our reporting summaries are designed to provide relevant information to help you more effectively manage and make decisions. Reports can vary depending on the client, but a sampling of our standard format includes:

  • Contractor summary reports
  • Working employee/contractor report

In addition, invoice reports can provide various metrics such as regular hours, overtime hours, costs by employee, costs by client cost code, and summarized expenses paid to contractors. It’s standard practice at BOWEN to provide invoice reporting on a monthly basis, along with key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to monitor the level of client and contractor satisfaction. This ensures that any specific measures your organization wants to track are covered through the monitoring and reporting process.


Seasonal Programs

Managing large-volume, fixed-term project employees such as seasonal contractors or summer student programs can be administratively burdensome. Our team of payroll professionals can assume a quick turnaround and cost-effective solution. From orientation through to off boarding and ROE processing, we can manage all of your requirements. BOWEN also provides the following solutions:

  • Orientation presentations
  • Electronic time and expense submission and approval
  • Payroll invoices
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Performance management tracking
  • Assistance with employment terminations
  • Exit interviews

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your contingent workforce.