Let’s face it, contractors aren’t going away. Having oversight for their performance, pay rates, compliance and safety is a business imperative and a leading differentiation between good and great companies.

Qualifying the independent contractor (IC) workforce for legitimacy is essential and complex. As your vendor of record, we:

  • Insert a structured third-party contractual relationship
  • Apply IC qualification screening to minimize reclassification risk
  • Validate IC credentials in the pre-screen to ensure they:
  • are Incorporated and are a limited company
  • carry $5 million dollars in general liability insurance
  • carry pollution insurance (where applicable)
  • possess Workers’ Compensation coverage or related provincial equivalent
  • have a Canadian business number to use for the remittance of GST
  • Deliver comprehensive on boarding (including background screening and health and safety certification checks if required) and orientation programs
  • Consult on competitive local market rates
  • Support rate negotiations
  • Establish the contract
  • Manage IC payment processing for approved IC invoices
  • Provide consolidated client invoicing and IC workforce reporting
  • Monitor ongoing IC compliance for requirements such as insurance coverage, WCB, etc.
  • Monitor client risk exposure, as it can change over time, and apply risk mitigation measures to bring non-compliant ICs into compliance

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contingent workforce sales sheet