BOWEN is a strong proponent of diversity in the workplace. Throughout our history, BOWEN has been a leader in connecting under-represented groups with employment opportunities. From our roots in securing employment opportunities for women, to our work in matching immigrants with employers for their first Canadian technical experience, and more recently developing strategies to support employers in connecting with local candidate pools and establishing networks within the Aboriginal community, BOWEN has always been focused on inclusion.

We work hard to attract diverse candidates, partnering with community organizations and special interest groups to post our employment opportunities and connect with their audience. Our recruitment practices focus on the skills and capabilities required for the roles and we work hard to understand the unique strengths and accomplishments of each candidate we interview. We understand that an open and inclusive recruitment processes ensure employers have a greater pool of talent to choose from. It is proven that a diverse workforce leads to better staff retention, a greater understanding of different markets and a more creative mix of people. Diversity is not only good in itself; it’s also good for business.

BOWEN’s extensive working history within the energy sector allows us to have a solid grasp of the requirements to operate with local and Aboriginal stakeholders. We appreciate the areas that our clients operate in and believe that we have a responsibility to stimulate the local economies we work in.

Our commitment to diversity starts at the top. In 2015, BOWEN secured its Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) certification granted by Women’s Business Enterprises Canada. WBE Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to opening doors to new supply chains. It certifies firms that are at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by women and introduces them to opportunities with member corporations. Supplier diversity makes good business sense and leads to positive results for all involved.

We have also have a proven track record of working with various stakeholders in establishing creative programs to meet diverse labour needs. Take, for example, BOWEN’s Immigrant Works program. Ahead of its time, Immigrant Works was designed to match and support unemployed or underemployed immigrants with BOWEN’s existing client database of predominantly energy companies in Alberta, providing paid meaningful work experience and the opportunity for long-term viable employment in relevant technical fields.

BOWEN has also been a champion of the Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth, helping over 10,000 immigrant youth and families successfully integrate into Calgary each year. Debbie Wershler, our VP, Operations sat on the Board of Directors with a long-standing term ending in 2016,providing the organization with strategic counsel on building inclusive programs for Canadian newcomers.

Through our actions and connections with our community, BOWEN has a deep commitment to embracing a culture and set of practices and policies that supports our employees and our candidates as respected, valued and capable of contributing using their unique talents and skills.