At a time when we are all watching our bottom line more closely, there are still creative and inexpensive ways to recognize your team. I believe that it has never been more important to thank my team for making sacrifices and doing more with less.  They need to know their efforts do not go unnoticed.

Now is a great time to get to know your staff better. There’s very little cost to a coffee and it’s absolutely free to have a conversation, but getting to know your staff and giving them a chance to ask you questions or share their concerns is a priceless gift.

 Sharing a meal is another easy and informal way to have a team conversation about how people are feeling, what is going on in the company and to simple have some team building time together. You can bring in muffins and donuts, or a fast food hot breakfast to the office, take your staff to a picnic on the hill at Crescent Heights or a local park, or even invite them into your home for a simple and special evening. Regardless of what kind of activity you choose, it’s worth it to take the time and make the effort to say “thanks” for a job well done and for hanging in there through these choppy waters!