Calgary Economic Development (CED) is leading a regional telework initiative called WORKshift that profiles and promotes the many benefits of telecommuting for employees. As part of this important program, companies are being invited to evaluate and incorporate flexible work arrangements for their employees. 

I am really excited about CED’s leadership in this initiative and support the goal of Calgary becoming a centre of excellence in telework! There are so many benefits to telecommuting – for individuals, corporations and the environment. It’s a business practice that I personally encourage at BOWEN and one that organizations need to consider when looking at cost savings, space planning, sustainability and of course, employee satisfaction.  

While there has already been much discussion on how telecommuting can help organizations realize efficiencies, as well as encourage employee productivity and a work/life balance, it also has a lot a merit from a corporate social responsibility standpoint. Here’s a fascinating fact: if there was a 3% reduction in the number of Calgarians commuting to work on any given week day, our traffic gridlock would be eliminated. What a time-saver, not to mention what it would do for our environment. Now that’s something that would help us all out!

WORKshift is the only program of its kind in Canada and it’s just one more way that Calgary is leading the way with its entrepreneurial, can-do spirit. Check it out at