One anomaly to this trend is that in Calgary, unemployment is actually on the rise. What gives? Global Television Calgary invited BOWEN to comment on the somewhat puzzling trend and my colleague, Debbie Wershler did the interview. You can check it out here While we don’t fully understand why the number of jobs are down in Calgary overall, it’s important to keep everything in perspective. Let me share a few highlights of what we are seeing in our day-to-day business at BOWEN:

  • We are not seeing major layoffs.
  • Employers are still hiring and our economy is rebounding slowly.
  • Employers are more willing to hire temporary or contract workers because they are cautious to not over-commit to employees with permanent jobs.
  • We typically see the number of jobs increasing over the summer months due seasonal project work, and this should be reflected in May’s numbers.
  • There are some big infrastructure projects in Calgary that are just ramping up and the employment impact may not yet be evident in the statistics.
  • Investment is also happening in operating areas outside of Calgary, such as oil sands expansion projects in the north, and jobs are being created in Alberta, which means new opportunities for Calgary residents willing to relocate.
Despite the rather gloomy April numbers, we still need to keep the big picture in mind. Our fundamental demographic situation has not changed and we do expect to find ourselves back in the situation of low unemployment rates again in the next two or three years. I still believe positive change is coming, it’s just a little slow in getting here!