10 Canadian Careers in Demand in 2020


Whether it’s finding a career that fits you, you’re fresh out of school and looking for a job, or been in the workforce for years and looking for a change, it’s tough out there. And you want the best of both worlds — something with plenty of opportunities and pays well, but also something you have a passion for that you can see yourself doing for as long as you want to be doing it.

But for those who are looking for a career that will go the distance, here are the avenues you might want to pursue.

1. Industrial electrician

With a lack of qualified workers, the industrial sector is beneficial for those who are prepared to take on the important job of installing, testing, maintaining, and repairing industrial machines and equipment.

Jobs in trades are in demand — and there are some great jobs for women in trades right now.

2. Aerospace engineer

This isn’t the kind of career path you decide to enter lightly but with the growth in the aerospace sector expected to continue, it might be something to consider.

3. Software engineer or designer

This field will have plenty of job openings for years to come but won’t have enough qualified workers to fill those positions. Software engineers have been ranked one of the 20 best jobs for working parents. Why wouldn’t you get in on this?

4. Occupational or physiotherapy assistant

Therapists and assistants help people live more comfortably, hopefully improve their way of life, and with the elderly population living longer and Canadians wanting to enjoy healthier lifestyles, the need for therapists and assistants will only increase.

5. Licensed practical nurse

An aging population demanding more from the health care system combined with those retiring is creating a need for an increasing amount of workers. The job opportunities in the health care field in Canada are plentiful.

6. Welder

The welding workforce is younger than many others so unlike the other careers on this list, welding is more about new job growth over retirement rates. In fact, it’s been one of the highest paying in-demand jobs in Canada!

7. Business management consultant

It may be a career path that’s becoming extremely competitive but businesses need these kinds of consultants to help stay productive. With workers retiring and transitioning to other jobs, the need for professional consulting services is growing.

8. College or vocational instructor

Those who teach at college and vocational levels are nearing retirement age (half of those in the industry are almost 50). For those who like to share their love of education, that means plenty of jobs in both public and private institutions will become available sooner than later.

9. Truck driver

Our country’s economy relies on truckers who haul commercial goods from coast to coast but there aren’t enough of those in the younger community entering the industry at a time when drivers are close to retiring. Some areas need truckers more than others. Wherever you go, it helps keep Canada thriving.

10. Registered nurse

With many current nurses reaching retirement age, and plenty of the country’s population aging, the demand for nurses is huge — in every province and territory.

By Denette Wilford, Writer, Slice