176 Pounds of Clothing Donated to Women & Teen Girls in Need


Have you ever opened up your closet and thought you had nothing to wear? Now imagine if that were really true. For women and teenage girls facing financial barriers, the Making Changes Association Walk-In Closet is a place where they can go to receive clothing at no cost to them.

Last month, the BOWEN Group team rallied together to donate business and casual clothing for women and teen girls in need. In just two weeks, the team gathered more than 15 garbage bags full of suits, dresses, jeans, shoes, accessories, outerwear and more.

Each item amounted to a big impact, with more than 176 pounds of clothing donated to Making Changes Association. Thanks to the generosity and passion of the Making Changes Association and BOWEN Group teams, we’re helping to give women and teens the confidence they need to achieve their goals.

If you’d like to donate gently used or new clothing to women and teenage girls facing financial barriers, contact the Making Changes Association at [email protected] or visit makingchangesassociation.ca.