3 Business Skills You Need to be an Indispensable Employee


In a world where technology is taking over, job security is a primary concern for all employees. However, in any workplace, some people are very secure in their jobs because they know their value and everyone from bosses to juniors wouldn’t know what to do without them. Being indispensable is what everybody wants to be, but the question is, how? Here are three skills you need in today’s modern office.

Customer Care

The one thing that keeps all businesses going is the customers, meaning if you can keep them happy, they will keep coming back. Though it seems like it’s a skill that only people in the customer care department should have, everyone plays a huge role in keeping customers happy, engaging them, and nurturing those relationships that make customers feel like they are home. Customer care is a skill that everyone in the company should be taught, but some people are just naturally charismatic and friendly to all individuals. Apart from just answering queries and sorting issues raised by customers, one must always go the extra mile to reach out to old and new clients to appreciate them and offer more help. It’s also important to note that customers are not just the people who buy but also suppliers and everyone who is connected to the business in any way. It is a skill to make people feel good about themselves, and everyone always remembers when they were treated with care and professionalism.

Excellent Networking Abilities

While sales and marketing is one way to bring customers into the business, fantastic networking skills will also make you indispensable at work. People who know how to network with others on a business level bring clients and connections that are critical. Networking skills require tact, diplomacy, and listening abilities so you can reel in people with your charm and make them see you as someone who can help their vision in life. If your bosses know that you have connections that are beneficial to the company and you bring clients in, you can be sure they will keep you close.

Networking is an essential skill and of course is all about creating relationships with people, so individuals who have this skill are also able to work better with their colleagues and motivate or influence others in the company. Leadership skills and being a team player are all crucial skills that charismatic people have, and they work well for business.

Keep Up With Technology

Whether we like it or not, technology has taken over, and people have to keep up with the times. There are areas in the business that still need that personal touch like customer care, but marketing has gone all the way digital without looking back. There are various digital marketing trends that businesses use to bring in clients and being an expert at any trend is awesome. Social media is a huge platform that is being used to bring in business every day because it’s cost effective and reaches more people. Another area is video marketing using YouTube or other social media sites to create awareness and drive traffic to your business with the aim of getting customers. Somebody who has excellent digital marketing skills will be indispensable because most bosses don’t have the time or the know-how to work on social sites.

There are so many skills that can help an employee to be highly valuable in a business apart from these three. The secret, however, is to become an expert at a particular skill even without forgetting other skills so that people know who to go to if they need something done in that area. There are many courses even online that one can enroll in to ensure you learn everything and become very good at valuable skills in the company so that you can be indispensable even when business is not doing well.

By Emily Burton

Emily Burton is a freelance writer with more than 10 years in business management. She specializes in topics related to business, human resources, project management, and leadership. When she is not writing she likes to bake, read, and travel.