BOWEN Group Celebrates 45th Anniversary


CALGARY, Alberta (February 1, 2019) – Today BOWEN Group marks its 45th year in business.

On February 1, 1974, Laverne Bowen opened BOWEN Group’s doors and placed the recruiting firm’s first candidate in downtown Calgary. Forty-five years later today, the recruiting firm is still in the business of making people matter.

BOWEN Group originally started as a temporary and permanent administrative recruiting firm. The business was founded by Laverne Bowen with a $14,000 loan from her father.

Since then, the firm has evolved to provide contractor management, outsourced human resources and recruiting for a robust variety of candidate verticals. Over the past 45 years, BOWEN Group has placed more than 120,000 individuals and expanded across Canada into nine provinces and one territory.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our history or more grateful for my mom’s courage and vision to start BOWEN,” says Shannon Bowen-Smed, President & CEO, BOWEN Group. “I want to thank my team and this community for their endless support, especially through the last few years.  I think the fact we are thriving in spite of the economic environment is a real testament to our foundation and our future.”

Since its beginning, BOWEN Group has seized every change and major shift in the recruiting industry as an opportunity to evolve. The firm has adapted and innovated through every market change and interruption over its forty-five years in business, never forgetting it’s always about the people.

About BOWEN Group

BOWEN Group is the leading Canadian recruitment and contractor management firm. Throughout its 45-year history, BOWEN Group has transformed the human capital space and placed more than 120,000 candidates across the country. With a commitment to championing inclusive cultures, harnessing diverse talent and enriching safe working environments, it’s BOWEN Group’s mission to make people matter. Visit or call 403-262-1156.

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