Corporate Connection: Gender Inclusivity and Why it Matters


Staying on top of inclusive language in the workplace can be a daunting task. Fear of change, offense or accidentally creating a hostile working environment are all sufficient reasons to feel the need to step lightly when having conversations involving gender inclusivity. Nevertheless, not taking the time to educate yourself and your team is even more detrimental in the long run.

At BOWEN diversity and inclusion are ingrained in everything we do, but even so there’s still work to do. We know this, which is why for our most recent Corporate Connection event we invited Lindsay Peace – Executive Director & Founder of Skipping Stone – to facilitate a discussion with our staff, partners and clients on gender inclusivity and why it matters.

In honour of Pride Month and in recognition of the weight of such an important topic we are sharing the extended edition of the presentation with the public so you too can take the time to learn, understand and share with your teams. We strongly encourage you to continue educating your teams beyond these resources and recommend registering for one or more of Skipping Stone’s training & educational workshops for business.

Download the presentation