Five Tips to Consider when Selecting the Right Recruiting and Contractor Management Company to Find your Company’s Most Important Asset – its People.


Employees are the backbone of any organization. There are several critical considerations when selecting the right firm to find them. Here are five key things to contemplate:


As the world moves to a more balanced approach between hiring conventional and contract talent, you too may want to select a firm that can support both those diverse requirements. Much of the market remains quite specialized, so do your homework and find an organization that can address both your short- and long-term people needs as well as both your recruiting and contractor scope.


Don’t pay for what you don’t need. Find a firm that can be as agile and creative as you are in terms of its costing models and scalability. If you require major project support, be sure they have the capacity and resources to handle it. On the contrary, if you only require more one-off expertise, be sure you aren’t paying beyond what you should.


When diversity and inclusion have never been more important, be sure that you are selecting a partner who can help you achieve your organizational goals in this matter. Consider the owners, the breadth of the operating team and the reputation of the organization for their practices.


Can the firm you are selecting meet the scope of your requirements geographically and across all your job families? Do they have a safety-sensitive program if you are dealing with field personnel? To secure great employees, you must invest time in your “people partners” so use firms that can help you meet your multiple priorities.


Finding an organization to help you build and replenish your talent pool should take time and investment by both parties. Cheap and fast are rarely if ever the means to staff your company. Select a firm/firms that you want to work with and who really want to work with you and then do just that. Create a means to make it a successful partnership and that’s exactly what you will get.