Get a Job Boost with Momentum Microloans


There can be many financial obstacles on the path towards a better job. Momentum’s Job Boost program removes these barriers for Calgarians with microloans.

Job Boost provides microloans of up to $10,000 to pay for costs of getting a better job, such as tuition or training, online learning, books and supplies, certification or re-certification, tools for work, record suspension, exam fees, professional association fees, short-term living expenses, or other expenses that will lead to better employment.

At the end of 2016, Lorna lost her job as a social worker. She collected employment insurance, but eventually her savings were used up and her social worker license was about to expire and her vehicle broke down. Without her license, she wouldn’t be able to secure a job and without a vehicle, she wouldn’t be able to get to a job. After receiving her Job Boost loan, she was able to renew her license in time to accept a job in the field she loves, and uses her new car to take at risk youth on field trips.

“Seeing how a small loan can improve the lives of people who just needed someone to believe in them and give them a chance is so rewarding,” says Laura Diaz, Job Boost Program Facilitator, Momentum. “Recently, we were able to help a single mom get her license back so she could get a job driving a school bus which also allows her to take her young child to work with her, saving the cost of childcare while doing something she loves.”

Find out more on how you can get a Job Boost with Momentum, or donate to remove financial obstacles for Calgarians like Lorna on the path to a better job.