Making the Great Career Switch


After working nearly seven years in law enforcement, Reisa decided it was time to change her life trajectory: “I was on call 24/7 and worked all of the time. I wanted to be able to have a normal life.”

She chose to strengthen her resume by going back to school for a double Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing and in Human Resources, with an Undergraduate Degree in Behavioural Sciences and Psychology behind her.

One might think taking two MBAs at the same time sounds daunting. But for Reisa, taking on new challenges gives her the fuel she needs to succeed. Once she had both MBA degrees under her belt, Reisa decided to reach out to BOWEN Group: “I always heard about how good BOWEN was.”

It wasn’t long before BOWEN Group started placing Reisa on short-term contracts, helping to build up her office experience after a demanding career in law enforcement. “Temporary jobs are a great opportunity to learn and be exposed to so many different things. It really helped me narrow down companies I wanted to work for in the long-term.”

With fresh office experience in education, IT and energy sectors, Reisa experienced the value of temporary placements:

“the shorter-term contracts help get the long-term roles. Each placement gave me the opportunity to build relationships with management, network with companies and make an impression.”

Now gainfully employed, we asked Reisa what tips she could lend to others currently applying for jobs.

“If you’re helpful, efficient, likeable and open to learning, they’ll want you. Attitude is what is going to make you successful in your job hunt. If you think you know it all, you’re not going to be successful. No matter where you come from, when you have a set of skills or abilities and the right attitude to learn to work, the opportunities are endless.”

She admits, job searching is no easy task and there’s not one proven method. “Revisit your resume a couple of times a week – see what the market wants. You have to be flexible as a job seeker.”

Reisa also suggests job seekers use the power of relationships in the job hunt. “You need a job for income, so you take what you can get until you get what you want. But, you can strategically place yourself with a staffing firm that can deliver the job offers you want.”

“Work with firms that have access to the best jobs,” she adds. “You’ll go further together than you will alone.”