BOWEN Group Recruiters Named Top 25 in Canada; BOWEN Group Named #1 Canadian Staffing Agency


CALGARY, Alberta (January 31, 2019) – Today Canada’s Top 100 Recruiters are unveiled. Amongst the top recipients are three recruiters from BOWEN Group: Debbie Hird, Brenda Cullum-Shergold and Debbie Mastel.

Canada’s Top 100 Recruiters distinguishes recruiters nominated and recommended by companies and candidates for displaying exemplary professionalism: highly trusted and consistently outperforming with a genuine passion for the industry.

Not only are BOWEN Group’s three recruiters among Canada’s Top 100 Recruiters, they’re recognized as the top 25 across the nation.

With its team of Canada’s Top 100 Recruiters, BOWEN Group is named the #1 Canadian Staffing Agency.

“There isn’t a day that goes by where I am not in awe by the talent, drive and dedication of our entire team,” says Shannon Bowen-Smed, President & CEO, BOWEN Group. “The fact that three of our colleagues have been ranked as some of the best recruiters in our country is a true testament to the level of professionalism and passion they bring to their jobs.”

“Not only are we celebrating our three colleagues as the top recruiters in Canada, we’re celebrating BOWEN Group’s recognition as the #1 Canadian Staffing Agency,” says Shannon. “My heartfelt congratulations to Debbie, Debbie and Brenda along with the other 97 winners in Canada. Thank you for amplifying the great work done by our industry each and every day.”

About Canada’s Top 100 Recruiters

Canada’s Top 100 Recruiters is elevating the Canadian recruitment industry by recognizing top recruiters nominated and recommended by companies and candidates. Top Recruiter advocates for top shelf recruiters who deserve to be recognized for raising the bar so that company hiring managers and top tier career seekers can more easily seek and engage with the best recruiters, in confidence.

About BOWEN Group

BOWEN Group is the leading Canadian recruitment and contractor management firm. Throughout its 45-year history, BOWEN has transformed the human capital space and placed more than 120,000 candidates across the country. With a commitment to championing inclusive cultures, harnessing diverse talent and enriching safe working environments, it’s BOWEN’s mission to make people matter. Visit or call 403-262-1156.

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