Seven Video Conferencing Tips for Your Next Remote Meeting


Virtual meetings in today’s world are a great way to stay productive and connect with everyone from candidates, clients and vendors to remote team members. Conference calls allow us to do business in a virtual setting. With the click of a link to an online meeting, it is possible to carry out everything from sales calls to status updates. Without preparation and processes, the risk of improper etiquette and lack of professionalism increases.

When meeting with external groups such as clients, candidates and vendors, it is especially important to understand a virtual meeting etiquette to have a productive and successful business meeting. Here are some tips to follow addressing processes, preparation and communication practices to ensure you put your best foot forward and avoid committing an unintentional faux pas in your next online meeting:

  1. Test your technology beforehand to resolve any technical issues and join the meeting on time.
  2. Turn on your video whenever possible, and be camera-ready. Dressing for success (the way you would as if you were meeting in person) creates a positive impact on your meeting. Virtual meetings are also more effective when people can see each other’s facial expressions. Make sure you are sitting close to your webcam.
  3. Use a phone line with audio clarity and stability. Look at the camera and speak clearly.
  4. Make sure you are in a quiet, professional and tidy space. Whether you have a home office or not, create a setting that looks professional.
  5. Do not multi-task (do other work, eat or walk around) during the meeting and ensure your cell phone ringer is off or on mute. Limit your distractions as much as possible, including background noise.
  6. Mute yourself when you are not talking to prevent transmitting background noise or echo noises that occur from using multiple microphones.
  7. Practice active listening and do not interrupt other people when they are speaking (or attempt to talk over them). You may use “Rise your hand” function in the MS Teams meeting if you have something to say.

Follow these etiquette tips during your next meeting. When everyone understands the basic virtual meeting etiquette your next call or video meeting will run smoothly and remain professional and productive for everyone involved.