Ed Canning practices labour and employment law with Ross & McBride LLP, in Hamilton, representing both employers and employees. In his article for the Hamilton Spec, he shares a commonly misunderstand requirement of the hiring process: “One of the most challenging issues that I deal with as an employment lawyer, whether I am counselling an employee or employer, is references. There is no law anywhere that says an employer has to provide a reference. Some human resource professionals watch too much U.S. TV and believe they are exposing their company to liability if they provide any kind of subjective reference. There are no cases I am aware of in Canada where an employer was held liable for giving their honest opinion of a departed employee to somebody who has phoned for a reference. Providing a reference does not breach any privacy laws and a written consent is not required. If the employee provided the contact information, that in itself is consent for the reference questions to be asked and answered.”

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Source: The Hamilton Spectator | May 30, 2016