Our recruiting experts use BOWEN’s proprietary MATCHAdvantage consultative process and client-specific strategies to find right-fit talent aligned to your company’s culture and business demands. Our process ensures consistency throughout our candidate selection process with a systematic approach to assessing technical and cultural fit that is both quantifiable and repeatable. These practices are applied at the time of job order, candidate interview and again during the reference validation process.

Did we mention that we also meet every candidate before presenting to clients?

BOWEN’s search for eligible candidates is conducted proactively through a combination of promoting, advertising  and social media blitzes. This strategy is particularly important to the dynamic pool of candidates in the contingent workforce and is the most effective way of building diverse connections, including local and Aboriginal communities.

Maintaining an ongoing database of placement-ready talent is a must. Our team comes brings corporate recruitment experience to the table, so they understand this is a critical component to labour pool management. We also connect with candidates internationally through platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook which is why we house a candidate database more than 20,000 strong.

Our dedicated service delivery teams have the agility to design all recruiting, interviewing and onboarding processes to serve your specific requirements, enabling more immediate productivity and greater ROI. BOWEN’s scope of recruitment support covers:

  • Temporary/contract placement – Fully screened, reference-ready candidates for fixed-term support.
  • Temporary-to-hire – A conversion program that allows you to move candidates from temporary or contract status to permanent hire. It can allow the opportunity to assess candidates before you hire them.
  • Strategic sourcing/permanent placement – Our expert recruiters leverage their networks, discovering even the most passive talent using a combination of traditional and innovative sourcing techniques to find you the very best in permanent and contract hires.
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Find the right fit – the first time.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Are seasonal or project-based hiring needs getting in the way of running your business? Is your HR team equipped to manage high-volume sourcing of skilled talent in short time-frames? Whether your workforce is shrinking and growing due to market conditions or you simply need help with cyclical labour pool management, our recruitment experts are ready to step in to seamlessly integrate with your HR processes and team. We’ve got this.

Why RPO?

  • Quality of candidates sourced – Just as in permanent recruitment, there is a passive contractor population that traditional contingency recruitment may not effectively tap into. Attracting the interest of that passive market is much easier when you are marketing for a specific employer or project, than simply building a pool of resumes.
  • Candidate fit for our clients – By partnering with you, BOWEN is able to develop a more comprehensive understanding of your workplace culture and screen candidates more rigorously. As well, marketing you from the outset attracts the best candidates who are attracted to your employer brand.
  • Process consistency – The same practices used by your business are applied to screening procedures and reference checks, and acceptance of your policies are secured for all hires undertaken.
  • Simplified administration – You have one point of contact for sourcing.
  • Flexibility – Our approach is configured to meet your needs.
  • You own the talent – Our dedicated team is only recruiting for your specific needs.  To that end, all the resumes are uploaded to your system and are your property.
  • Scalability – This solution is capable of meeting your volume requirements by supplementing your team in response to peak work volumes.



Hiring peaks and valleys? We’ve got this.

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