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BOWEN was founded on my ninth birthday so it is truly a part of me. One might even argue a best friend. For the past 34 years we have walked hand in hand to share some of life’s greatest victories and grueling defeats.

Our history runs in parallel. We are both proudly Canadian and we owe our entire success to the kindness and support of the Calgary community.

We have witnessed incredible change since our humble beginnings but regardless of how challenging things can get we have always believed that if Calgary can find a way, then we will find a way.

We have a chance to prove this true on November 13. It’s not just a vote for the Olympic and Para Olympic Games, it’s a vote for this city and it’s a vote for our future:

Job creation

Affordable housing development

Much needed infrastructure and upgrading

A city our grandchildren want to call home

On November 13, BOWEN will vote YES.

Because we want to get all Calgarians back to work. We want to get all families in to safe housing and we want to be sure every child has a bright future. As a member of our community, we are asking you to vote YES too. Because this city needs us and our fellow countrymen are looking at us. We can be the beacon for a new dawn. A Calgary that can. A community who will.


Shannon Bowen-Smed, CEO and President