This just in. 89 percent of recruiters have hired employees through LinkedIn. This might surprise you if you’ve been living off the grid. Yet it is no surprise to social media savvy job searchers who maintain an up-to-date and easy to search LinkedIn profile and have landed the job of their dreams.

The need to create and maintain an online presence is increasingly important and 2014 will be no different as traditional recruitment strategies are either augmented or replaced by online recruitment tools. Our advice: create a simple and professional LinkedIn profile and start leveraging social media to stand out to recruiters.

Here are six tips to help you create a LinkedIn profile that will help you stand up and stand out.

  1. Make sure you complete the job summary. The summary is your 30-second elevator pitch (3-5 sentences), on why you are great at your job. The summary should spark the reader’s curiosity and make them want to scroll down to read more. And, your summary should include key words to describe your expertise that will increase your (Search Engine Optimization) SEO.
  2. Following the summary, describe your experience and skills in a few sentences. Make sure to include as many tangible results in the description including goals achieved, awards won and promotions earned. Typically resumes present these details in 3 to 5 points per role. We recommend no more than seven in order to spark recruiter interest.
  3. Break up your job summary with headers and sub-headers. Your goal is to make it visually easy to read.
  4. For your skill and experience include dollars and figures: where you can, always try to include savings, revenue, % decrease or increase and other relevant figures that you helped achieve for your employer. Recruiters like to see that you can deliver results.
  5. To complete the profile, make sure to mention those experiences and responsibilities that are most related to the role you are applying for.
  6. Keywords are important to use throughout your profile. The more targeted keywords your use in your profile, the more likely you’ll turn up in a recruiter’s search results.

Building an online presence in today’s digital environment is key to unlocking a great new job. By following these few suggestions, you’ll be that much closer to being a top candidate in your 2014 job search.