Client Support

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Client Support

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Client Support

Welcome to your support page, where you’ll find important information on your assignment including submitting your timesheets, getting paid and signing up for group benefits.

Working With Us

From managing highly complex recruiting projects to developing contractor onboarding and management support, BOWEN’s agility, deep knowledge of the marketplace, understanding of Canadian payroll legislation and sophisticated technology platforms are our key differentiators.

With a 100% payment record and a team of certified payroll professionals, BOWEN has been a go-to provider for many major corporations who don’t want to manage the hassle and significant expense of on and off-boarding project-based talent.

Our online and mobile timesheet system is user friendly and provides for a complete audit and tracking schedule of all payments. Our direct deposit service, contractor help line and our reporting and systems make for a seamless onboarding process, with our customized pay cycles that allow for multiple configurations and cost code management.

Full details are listed in our terms and conditions below. Check with your BOWEN Assignment Manager to confirm if these apply to you, or if your company has a master service agreement or other agreements with BOWEN.

Submitting Job Orders

Whether you are looking to have BOWEN administer one of your contractors or you need our help to find the right person to fill a role, we make it easy to work with us. Depending on your needs, you have three options to get us working for you:

  • Fill out our website form at
  • Email your internal form to your BOWEN representative
  • Call your BOWEN representative for real-time support by phone, or to discuss integration with your supply chain or vendor management system

BOWEN will administer your contractors as independent contractors, if requested. Our Assignment Managers will work with you to help determine eligibility for independent contractor administration and answer any questions you may have. 

Managing your BOWEN Contractors

Onboarding your contractor through BOWEN is just the beginning of our service to both you and your contractor. At BOWEN, we recognize the importance of getting people paid accurately and on time. The following guides will help you find answers just as quickly on our policies, payroll deadlines and instructions for timesheets and expenses on We`re just a phone call away if you have a question or need clarification.

Get up to speed fast with the important basics for client contacts including: how to log in, navigate your dashboard, approve timesheets, expenses and allowances, and more.

Stay connected with erecruit tools from your mobile device. Get to know our mobile site with our user guide for candidates, contractors and client contacts:

Learn more about BOWEN’s system of tools for contractors and clients, along with FAQs and support at

See erecruit in action with our video tutorial below, for client contacts. This video is a guideline only; refer to the user guides above for all features available to you.

Managing Pay, Expenses & Allowances

Our team ensures that your workforce is paid accurately and on-time. View our schedule here:

Overtime hours are calculated on both a daily and weekly basis. To provide complete visibility for supervisors of the total hours worked during a pay period, contractors will record both regular and overtime hours on a timesheet. Find a guide below:

Use our checklist to determine how and when overtime applies:

We make it easy to approve eligible expenses and allowances. Find amounts and supporting documents all in one place, using the expense tab on our online timesheets. Skip the notes or comments on timesheets when approving expenses and allowances, as we don’t refer to these when processing reimbursements.

Did you know that BOWEN adds all taxes to contractor reimbursements for eligible expenses, while on assignment with you? Here’s what you need to know to ensure your expense approvals line up with our calculations, to avoid payment delays:

BOWEN Group Benefits

Our group benefits program has been exclusively developed for BOWEN’s contingent workforce and their families. To qualify for the program, your contractor must be currently working for BOWEN and have worked an average of 30 hours per week over the past six months. To learn more, visit our candidate support page.

Career Resources

Find useful links and articles on our website at

Contact Us

If you need a hand or have questions, don’t hesitate to connect with your BOWEN Assignment Manager.