“BOWEN worked closely with us to provide recruitment support to our team as we prepared to in-source an Information Management team. Our goal was to find a recruiting partner that would allow us to focus on hiring key technical and operational roles, while ensuring the Information Management (IM) recruitment project was given the appropriate level of attention and resourcing.

BOWEN’s recruiters joined us onsite and quickly built strong relationships within the business that ultimately led to a successful outcome. We were able to fill all the required roles within the time frames given and now have a strong IM team based in Saskatoon. We were impressed with BOWEN commitment to our success and look forward to working with them again on future projects.”

– Hiring Manager, Oil and Gas


“Working closely with our team, BOWEN helped us bring consistency to how we manage our contractor payroll administration by streamlining our reporting, which facilitated improved cost controls. As one of our preferred providers, they bring an unparalleled depth of understanding of the energy sector and the unique needs of its contingent workforce to our organization. BOWEN clearly understands our business challenges and has the expertise to help solve them.”

– Hiring Manager, Oil and Gas


A foreign affair

In 2009, BOWEN was instrumental and led the industry in establishing Immigrant Works, designed to match and support unemployed or underemployed immigrants with BOWEN’s existing business client database to provide paid meaningful work experience and the opportunity for long-term viable employment in relevant technical fields. Over the life of the Immigrant Works program 17 interns were placed with 13 employers.  Overall the number of qualified candidates was higher than expected at 1,766. BOWEN successfully completed candidate screening for a total of 1,116 placement ready candidates.

Flood relief

A good example of our proven experience can be seen in our response to Calgary’s flood disaster. At the height of what has been called the worst flooding in Alberta’s history, BOWEN was there to help. Our city needed to quickly put in place a team of customer service agents and safety personnel to assist in helping the victims of the flood as well as manage the extraordinary volunteer response. Calgary’s first official call, early on the morning of June 24, for 600 volunteers resulted in an estimated 2,500 people arriving ready to work. Within seven days, BOWEN had placed more than 20 customer service agents and a safety coordinator at the site.

A+ recruiting

Since 2001, BOWEN has partnered with one of Calgary’s top universities to provide temporary, temp-to-hire and permanent placements in their organization. Most recently, we worked with the Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension to present career training resources to their graduating students and posted helpful job hunting tips to their intranet blackboard for student job seekers.

A vote of confidence

When one of the cities outside of Calgary needed an executive assistant to support its Mayor, they turned to BOWEN. Well recognized in the industry for having strong relationships to some of the most outstanding administrative people in Canada, BOWEN was able to fill this position with a suitable candidate quickly. As it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada with a growth of 7.8 per cent average annual growth, the hiring team didn’t want this position left vacant for long.

A history of results

BOWEN has nurtured a municipal 14-year relationship and has delivered proven results. We’ve successfully earned the business through an RFP process in three of the last four years. In 2013, BOWEN placed more than 45 candidates in a wide variety of roles including reception, data entry, and project support including a staff liaison coordinator. We have in-depth knowledge with their recruitment processes and have customized our systems to meet its needs. We have an established relationship with their in-house agency personnel to fill diverse and challenging assignments. Over the years, we have also earned a better understanding of the unique workplace culture, helping us to ensure the right fit for candidate placements.