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Do I get paid for statutory holidays?

Yes. If you’re on a temporary or contract assignment with BOWEN and you are not an independent contractor, you’re eligible for statutory holiday pay under the Canadian government’s employment standards. BOWEN pays according to the employment standards of the province in which the work is conducted.

Will my pay rate change if I transfer my contract to BOWEN?

In most cases, you’ll remain at the same rate when transferring your contract to BOWEN. Once you’ve completed a right to represent agreement with BOWEN, we are able to obtain your pay rate, which is set by the company (our client) that you are contracted to. Our client has complete control over your pay rate based on their evaluation of current market conditions and their business needs. The same applies to all contractor management service providers, not just BOWEN.

Does BOWEN offer group benefits?

Yes. BOWEN offers all of our contractors access to a group benefits program that provides comprehensive health and dental coverage at competitive rates. Participation is optional and coverage is guaranteed – that means no medical questions to answer and no exclusions for pre-existing conditions.

Am I eligible for overtime pay?

Eligibility and pay rates for payrolled contractors are determined by the Canadian government under employment standards for the province in which the work is conducted, and will be the same regardless of the contractor management vendor you’re working with. We make it easy for you to know if you’re eligible for overtime, as this will be clearly explained in your BOWEN contract or assignment details. Any eligible overtime must also be pre-approved by BOWEN’s client.

Do I get paid for vacation time?

Yes. If you’re on a temporary or contract assignment with BOWEN and you are not an independent contractor, you receive 4% vacation pay on every hour worked in lieu of paid time off. You have access to this money when you earn it, so that you can decide how to use it or save for when you’re not working. Contact our payroll team at payroll@bowenworks.ca or 403 538 3323 to discuss direct deposit options to manage your vacation pay.

Do I need to register to work with BOWEN?

No. Simply browse our job postings to view current opportunities. Select a job and upload your resume to apply. That’s it.