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What locations does BOWEN operate in?

BOWEN is a Canadian leader in recruitment solutions and contractor management. While roots and headquarters are in Calgary, Alberta, we currently have candidates and contractors placed in nine provinces across the country and have the capabilities to source and place people outside of Canada depending on the location and terms of the placement.

What is BOWEN’s relationship with Mark Staffing, Stream Source & Debbie Mastel & Associates?

BOWEN is a group of companies and has partners operating under our infrastructure. These partnerships allow us strengthen our service offerings for our clients, and provide the mutual benefit of shared resources.

BOWEN offers temporary recruitment through our Mark Staffing division, Indigenous recruitment through our Stream Source partner and senior technical recruitment through our partnership with Debbie Mastel & Associates. While the tangible branding is different for each, we all operate as one team, on one floor with the same reputable processes and passion for making people matter.

Does BOWEN take a cut of my pay?

No. To help you understand how our business model works – we are hired by companies to find candidates to fill specific job requests, and not the other way around. What this means for you is there is zero cost to you as a BOWEN candidate. While we can’t guarantee placement for everyone who applies, if you are a right-fit candidate for a job posting, we will present you to the employer and do everything we can to get you placed. We do not take a cut – 100% of your wages go to you!

Do I get paid for statutory holidays?

Yes. If you’re on a temporary or contract assignment with BOWEN and you are not an independent contractor, you’re eligible for statutory holiday pay under the Canadian government’s employment standards. BOWEN pays according to the employment standards of the province in which the work is conducted.

Will my pay rate change if I transfer my contract to BOWEN?

In most cases, you’ll remain at the same rate when transferring your contract to BOWEN. Once you have completed a right to represent agreement with us, we are able to obtain your pay rate, which is set by the company (our client) you are contracted to. Our client has complete control over your pay rate based on their evaluation of current market conditions and their business needs. The same applies to all contractor management service providers, not just BOWEN.

Does BOWEN offer group benefits?

Yes. BOWEN offers all of our contractors access to an affordable group benefits plan that provides comprehensive health and dental coverage at competitive rates. Participation is optional and coverage is guaranteed – which means no medical questions to answer and no exclusions for pre-existing conditions.