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What types of jobs does BOWEN place for?

BOWEN places candidates across Canada in all industries and all job families – from junior to senior executive roles, field and technical positions to administrative positions. Visit our job postings to view our current postings.

Does BOWEN do permanent placements?

Yes, lots! You can specify permanent placement as your preference when you apply.

Does BOWEN accept walk-ins?

No. Due to the high volume of recruitment and contractor management we do on a daily basis, all of our candidate appointments must be scheduled. Visit our job postings and upload your resume to apply. Our recruiters will review your qualifications and experience, and if they find you a possible fit, they will call you to set up an appointment.

My resume won’t upload, so how can I register?

Registration isn’t required when you apply to job postings at BOWEN. Simply upload your resume in the form at the bottom of a posting to get started. If you’re having technical issues, connect with Guest Services at info@bowenworks.ca for help.

Why hasn’t any one called me back?

To help you understand how our business model works – we are hired by companies in Canada to find candidates to fill specific job requests, and not the other way around. What this means for you is there is zero cost to you as a BOWEN candidate. While we don’t work to find work for each candidate that applies, if you are a top candidate for a job posting, we will present you to an employer and do everything we can to get you placed. Keep applying to our job postings to ensure you’re considered on all opportunities. We also recommend applying with multiple employers and even other recruitment firms. Ask a peer review your resume and check out these resume tips.

How do I apply to a job posting?

It’s simple. Just search our online job postings and enter your email at the bottom of a posting to pull up the short application form. Submit your resume and you’re done!