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My resume won’t upload, so how can I register?

Registration isn’t required when you apply to job postings at BOWEN. Simply upload your resume to get started. If you’re having technical issues, connect with Guest Services at info@bowenworks.ca for help.

Why hasn’t any one called me back?

When our recruiters find a possible fit for you, they will call to set up an interview. Keep applying to our job postings to ensure you’re eligible for consideration on all opportunities.

How do I apply to a job posting?

It’s simple, and there’s no need to register. Just search our online job postings using the link at the top right corner of this page, and submit your resume to apply. The site will prompt you to confirm your email so that we can see if you’ve applied in the past.

How can I check my paystubs?


Log in to BOWEN’s secure website, Penny, at bowenworks.ca/paystubs and enter your user name and password. If you don’t have this information, contact our payroll team at payroll@bowenworks.ca and they will get you set up.

I tried to register but it says that this email already exists, how do I register?

This happens because we already have a file with your email in our database. Contact Guest Services at info@bowenworks.ca for help.

What is the job market like in Calgary?

The economy in Calgary is cyclical due to its focus on the oil and gas industry, and as we all know from the news, the current market is tough. Many companies, though, are using this time to hire top talent that is not normally available in a boom market. There is also steady increase in demand for contractors as businesses focus on project-based work that can run anywhere from a month to three years. Visit our Contract Employees page under Getting Started to see what BOWEN offers if you’re interested in taking on contract opportunities.