In the changing world of work, more and more companies are using a contingent workforce to get work done. The idea of employing a flexible workforce is no longer a question, it is a certainty. So, whether you are a professional considering a more flexible work arrangement as a contractor or someone who has worked as an independent contractor as their career choice, BOWEN is well versed in helping you navigate the evolving world of work.

As an independent contractor, you’ve likely selected this type of work arrangement because you like the freedom and flexibility its offers. The more detailed tasks of ensuring compliance, invoicing, time tracking and reporting, benefits, providing Worker’s Compensation Coverage, adhering to health and safety policies and numerous other critical procedures and processes are not necessarily what drives your passion.

A contract position can be liberating. It’s a great opportunity in industries where specific skills are in high demand. As a BOWEN independent contractor, you maintain the flexibility and freedom of operating as a contractor, while taking advantage of BOWEN’s expertise to administer your contract. BOWEN takes care of all the big things so you can focus on what you do best.

Looking for a job?

BOWEN will help you find a contract with a company that is the right fit for you. Search and apply to our job postings to get started.

Need help managing your contract?

BOWEN will manage a new or existing contract. We will liaise with your work provider and handle all the administration for you.

As a BOWEN independent contractor (IC) you will benefit from:

  • BOWEN Contractor Group Benefits – opt into BOWEN’s contractor group health benefits program at cost, leveraging the savings of a group plan with coverage more extensive than most individual plans.
  • Perkopolis – BOWEN is proud to offer our contingent workforce access to various discounted products and services, including: theatre, hotels, attractions, movies, shopping, travel and much more, through our discount partner Perkopolis.
  • Personal Face-to-Face Contact – BOWEN believes strongly in having face-to-face site visits (including remote locations) with our contractors in order to establish relationships, garner feedback on service and legitimize our Employer of Record status. These site visits are particularly important during the implementation phase and as part of our communication and change management deliverables.
  • Mobile-friendly tools – access our top-rated payroll tool (if required by the client) from your mobile device while we process payment of your approved invoices and expenses.
  • Advisory services – rely on our team of experts to support rate negotiations, establish the contract and assess your classification as a legitimate IC according to Canada Revenue Agency rules, with coaching and support on compliance challenges and rules to avoid reclassification as a Personal Services Corporation. BOWEN can also administer your contract as a contract employee if you prefer, or are unable to qualify as an independent contractor.
  • Insurance – BOWEN has a recognized partner available to provide liability insurance to independent contractors looking for coverage options.
  • Comprehensive onboarding – including background screening and health and safety certification checks, if required, and orientation programs.
  • Access to a robust network of Canada’s top employers.

How does BOWEN ensure payment to independent contractors?

  • One of our highest priorities is paying you accurately and on time. Simply send your approved invoice and any eligible expenses or required back-up to our Accounts Payable team. We’ll arrange payment within within 30 to 60 business days.
  • Get your remittance advice by fax or email, with convenient payment by direct deposit.
  • Breathe easy with uninterrupted payments, using our process for managing alternate approvers during your contract, should your client supervisor be unavailable.

What are the pre-screening requirements to be registered as an independent contractor through BOWEN?

  • Valid Certificate of Incorporation
  • Proof of Workers Compensation Account
  • GST number
  • General description of services provided
  • Position/title within the corporation
  • Registered address and mailing address
  • Criminal record check
  • Background check
  • Background check consent form (provided by BOWEN)
  • ID type one: must be government-issued photo identification
  • ID type two: can be non-photo identification, ideally government-issued; however must include candidate’s first and last name


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