In January 2013, we surveyed our contingent workforce about the possibility of developing a group benefits program for contractors, independent contractors and temporary staff. The response was tremendous and based on the feedback received, we are pleased to announce the launch of BOWEN’s new subsidized benefits program. A benefits program is important to the contingent workforce  because many workers do not have benefits and individual programs are expensive. In addition, most programs require medical prequalification. Our research shows we are offering  the best value available in Calgary market place.

For companies that rely on or utilize contingent workers, a group benefits program is a valuable recruitment, retention and management tool.

To qualify for our benefits program you must be a contractor, independent contractor or temporary employee of BOWEN. You also must have worked for BOWEN for the past six months, averaging 30 hours of work per week. We have invested a lot of time and research into our benefits program; we believe it’s a necessary tool to help our contingent workforce stay happy and healthy. For more information please visit our home page at