When the economy slows down and oil prices tumble. When the Canadian dollar turns into 70 cents and unemployment climbs upwards. When your bank, your suppliers and your customers all urge caution. That’s usually not a good time to add a new expense item to one’s general ledger.

But we are doing just that. We are launching a brand new suite of software tools. We’ve done our homework and we believe it is the best platform on the market for our business and for yours. The software is called erecruit and it’s pretty smart with its labour, time and cost-saving systems for virtually all sectors of the recruitment business.

For clients, it bundles all of your needs from BOWEN into one package. You’ll get faster fill rates on more appropriately skilled personnel, than ever before. On top of streamlining your inputs, reports are now available in real-time. And because it’s administratively user-friendly, errors and omissions are reduced. Fixes can be accomplished with far less frustration than other systems. Contractors and candidates like erecruit because they can be logged into the system from their desk or when they’re on the go.

At BOWEN, we can see these enhanced client and candidate interactions boosting our operations, both inside and outside of the company. We’re looking forward to the kinds of efficiencies we’ve seen other users get from using these systems. And just as importantly, we’re excited about the new business opportunities that erecruit can help create.

Nothing does math better than application software. Nothing stores important records safer or makes them more easily retrievable. Nothing provides better, fit-for-purpose usefulness than proven, industry specific software. And thank goodness, nothing performs those complex, boring chores of both of our businesses better than erecruit.

To top it off, this is a history making event for BOWEN as we are the first company in Canada to fully integrate with Canadian payroll and run on this platform. We are proud of the unbelievable infrastructure we share with our clients and contractors.

erecruit gives you and us an edge that nobody else in Canada can match.

– Shannon Bowen-Smed