Our recruiting experts use BOWEN’s proprietary MATCHadvantage process to find right-fit talent aligned to your company’s culture and role requirements. We have the agility to design all recruiting, interviewing and on-boarding processes to your specifications. BOWEN’s recruitment support covers:

  • Temporary/contract placement – Fully screened, reference-ready candidates for fixed-term support.
  • Temporary-to-hire – A conversion program that allows you to move candidates from temporary to permanent hire, giving you the opportunity to assess candidates on the job.
  • Strategic sourcing/permanent placement – Our expert recruiters leverage their networks to discover even the most passive talent to find you the best permanent and contract hires.

Our candidate directory is more than 90,000 strong and our innovative sourcing strategies ensure a diverse and quality talent pool with Indigenous, immigrant and international representation.

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Technical, Hard-to-fill Recruitment

BOWEN’s recruiting team is 12 strong, making us one of the largest independent firms in Canada, with more than 40 years of sourcing experience. Coupled with our esteemed partner in technical, hard-to-fill and executive placements Debbie Mastel of Mastel & Associates, our placement rate on hard-to-fill roles is 100 per cent. We also offer a unique fee structure that sets us apart from traditional retained search firms.


Indigenous Recruitment

Through our partnership with Stream Source, a 51 per cent Indigenous-owned recruitment and contractor management company, we can connect you with Canada’s fastest-growing talent pool. Diversity and inclusion are not only social imperatives but these practices also have proven business benefits. Learn about our partner at streamsource.ca


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Is your HR team equipped to manage high-volume sourcing of skilled talent in short time-frames? Whether your workforce is shrinking or growing due to market conditions or you simply need help with cyclical labour management, our recruitment experts are ready to step in to seamlessly integrate with your HR team. Contact us today.

Why RPO?

  • Quality of candidates sourced – Attracting right-fit talent is easier when marketing for a specific employer, than simply building a pool of resumes.
  • Candidate fit for our clients – By partnering with you, BOWEN develops a clear understanding of your culture and screens candidates more rigorously.
  • Process consistency – BOWEN applies the same practices used by your business and secures acceptance of your policies for all hires.
  • Simplified administration – You have one point of contact for sourcing.
  • You own the talent – Our dedicated team is recruiting only for you. All resumes are uploaded to your system and remain your property.
  • Scalability – This solution is capable of meeting your volume requirements by supplementing your team in response to peak work volumes.

Career Transition

If downsizing is your only option then BOWEN is your solution. We can facilitate any termination process including discussion planning, management coaching, onsite support and customized employee programming. Contact us to learn more about how BOWEN manages the separation process.


References/Exit Interviews

We can conduct reference and exit interviews, saving you time while gathering valuable data. We have improved uptake on exit participation by as much as 100 per cent and our turn-around time averages just two days. Sample templates for these services are available upon request and we are happy to customize both to your needs.