Giving back is a top priority at BOWEN and part of our corporate culture. Donating our time and resources to great causes is important to us and aligns with our corporate values. We believe in sharing our financial success with the community where we live, work and play by helping families who need it most. That’s why we donate a portion of every hour billed and every permanent job filled to charitable organizations.

We select specific charities that link to our corporate values, community investment strategy and offer great synergies with our marketing and business development efforts. It’s about making our community a better place for everyone and creating a legacy of caring and compassion.

Over the past five years, BOWEN has contributed more than $500,000 to worthwhile causes.

websiteFor the past 15 years, BOWEN has been honoured to be the title sponsor of the Scott Smed Invitational. We’ve helped raised $1.2 million dollars to help feed hungry kids in school, build brand new playgrounds in needy communities and support families who have experienced the loss of an infant child. This year was the final Scott Smed Invitational, it was a day that will always be in our hearts.

Founded by BOWEN’s President and CEO, Shannon Bowen-Smed, and her husband, Peter Smed, when they lost their son Scott during child birth, the Scott Smed Invitational was created to improve the lives of families dealing with a tragedy like theirs.

Today, all four Calgary hospitals have a special place where families, experiencing infant or pregnancy loss, can recover with dignity. Each year there are more than 200 neonatal deaths and over 1,800 documented miscarriages in Calgary. Together, for the Calgary Health Trust we’ve raised $477,000 to help those facing this loss.

With the Community Kitchen Program of Calgary we’ve helped provide sustenance for kids from homes that can’t. In four years we have fed 45,000 meals and snacks to over 31,000 children through their Tummy Tamers and Super Stars programs.

And, we have removed financial barriers that stand in the way of some kids’ participation in sports. It started 20 years ago. KidSport Calgary has since raised over $6.8 million to help 30,000 young athletes play sports.

What’s Next?

We know that building a great city is an on-going endeavour and that Scott, at fifteen, would have been ready to tackle a big new cause; one that BOWEN will continue to support. To that end, BOWEN is proud to announce our support of the BrightHeart Scholarship Program as an official sponsor in 2016. We are delighted to be a part of this future initiative, focusing on our most vulnerable youth. We hope we can count on you to join us on this next chapter of Scott’s journey.