On Administrative Professionals Day, April 26, we launched callout to the admin professionals in our network asking to share their favourite admin “smart tips.” All submissions were entered into a draw for one of three Oasis Wellness and Spa gift cards.

Whether a temp assignment or permanent placement, these tips will help you stay organized and create a positive impression and impact for the company. Here’s a few tidbits from the dozens of entries:

You can google Youtube videos on how to do just about anything. I do this often for functions in Excel I’m not sure how to do. -Patricia

Invest in a day planner & a nice pen. I always go for a beautiful blue fine tip pen and some “fun” coloured pens to check off my daily tasks. Plan your day in the morning, and every time you finish a task give it a big check mark. You will leave work feeling accomplished and less stressed. -Tara 

I like to learn programs like MS Office and Adobe, so I am the go-to person for the office. Being an expert with these programs increases one’s job security. -Amy

It’s impossible to be too organized. Use a calendar and day planner, and save Post-Its or digital Sticky Notes for face-to-face requests. -David

Use a write board to keep track of what you’re working on and outstanding projects. -Susan

Remembering keyboard shortcuts saves a lot of time. -Morwarid

I always try to do a little extra at the desk during my assignment. When I have down time, I will make new labels to replace worn out labels and repack old and torn storage box contents into new boxes. The person returning to the desk appreciates it! -Ana

Take detailed messages during phone calls and never feel bad asking someone to repeat himself! -Jamie

When proof reading, start from the bottom and work your way up. -Christina

Always smile. It makes everyone’s day (including by my own) so much better! -Cheryl

Thank you to the many hardworking administrative professionals in our communities for the important contributions you make to your teams and companies and ultimately the economy.

Special shout out to Sharon and Irene at BOWEN and our Mark Staffing division who are vital to our success. Happy Administrative Professionals Week!