The changing colour of the leaves brings beautiful scenery but the season also brings some unique hazards for your home, workplace and on the road. Being aware of potential dangers can help prevent accidents and keep you, your family and your coworkers safe.

Fall Driving Safety Tips

With the changing season comes changing road conditions. Wet leaves on the ground can hide what lays beneath, such as potholes or black ice, which can cause your vehicle to lose traction. Decreased sunlight hours means increased night driving and lower visibility. Read on for driving safety tips:

Stopping room: Give yourself plenty of room to come to a full stop at intersections and when following other vehicles.
Slow cornering: Slow down when taking corners, especially on blind corners where you don’t know what’s ahead.
Leaves on the road: Exercise caution on wet and frozen leaves, which can be slippery.
Weather conditions: Check weather conditions before you drive. Quickly changing weather patterns could lead to slippery roads.
Black ice: Slippery black ice is common in the fall. Pay close attention on wet and damp days when temperatures are around freezing.